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May 28th, 2018 - So far the best 35th Birthday

  Well, talking about domino effect.
  I got to meet RMS at the Police University.
  I also got to win the bid (not on the GNU, cause he ran out of little adorable GNUS but I got the book.
  The best present ever tho! and... I was able to give "Desilusión en la Colmena" to RMS,
  (which was written using GNU/Emacs, and designed with Inkscape and Gimp.)
  And I also got my laptop signed, which was a gift from Devin (A good friend, a character in my book and another Emacs user.)
  So... I couldn't be happier.


And... I got a diploma marking the event. Happy enough.


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Yeay! I Got a Free Software Diploma! diploma
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